CND Shellac

Say goodbye to dull, chipped nail varnish and say hello to a gorgeous high shine, perfectly polished 14 day CND Shellac nail colour with its zero dry time, no nail damage and easy removal! Includes file, cuticle work and your choice of over 100 flawless colour combinations, french manicure or stunning Lecente Rockstar glitters.

It's not just any gel polish, it's the original.

Up to 3 weeks of beautiful nails starts here.


2x faster removal.

No nail damage.

160+ shades

What are the benefits of theCND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish System?

• Custom curve hugging brush for smooth and even application

• 130+ color combinations

• No filing or buffing needed before application or for removal

• No nail damage when used as directed

Is the CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel PolishSystem patented?

Yes. A complete list of CND™ Brand patents can be found at

Can CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish be usedwith other nail products?

CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish was designed to be used as a system. For a superior service, perform proper P.E.P., use all three components of the CND™ SHELLAC™ system (Base Coat, Color, Top Coat) and always use the CND™ LED or UV Lamp.